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What's buzzRED?

buzzRED gives anyone a way to generate immediate interest for their products, services, announcements, events, opinions, etc. Whatever you post is up on buzzRED for only one hour. After one hour, the post (we call it a 'buzz') is removed from display.

buzzRED is sorted by areas that are based on zip codes, so you can find the best local deals and relevant, up-to-date content for where you live.

When there is only 3 minutes left for a buzz, it will turn red to let you know this buzz is about to end.

If you want to post a buzz - you will need to set up an account with us. But don't worry - that's free.

If you only want to read about what's happening in your local area, you don't have to join or give us your email. You can just look around. We're OK with that.

Did I mention that it's FREE? Free to join, free to post and free to read.

I don't get it. What could you use buzzRED for?

  • Hungry? Want to try a new place, but also get a great deal? Check buzzRED for specials in your area.
  • Have a small business and want to increase sales? 'Buzz' a special offer -right now- and get some customers in the door.
  • Want to know what's happening in your local community? events, news, yard sales, etc?
  • Have an opinion you want to share on a local issue? 'Buzz' an opinion piece to generate discussion in your area.
  • Spot a great deal at a local store? 'Buzz' about it and let everyone know about the great deal you found.
  • Lost a pet? 'Buzz' a picture and find the lost pet.
  • Realtor? 'Buzz' about your 'open house' events.

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buzzRED FAQs

Any Questions?

Ready To Post a Buzz? You need to Login
  1. It's free?
  2. Really free?
    Yes, really. Totally, completely free.
  3. This is like one of those flash-sale sites, right? Where you sell overstock or old stock?
    Nope. We don't have any inventory, we don't sell anything. You can simply find information and deals here.
  4. If I want to buy something - where do I pay?
    The company or person you are buying from. Not us.
  5. Sounds kinda neat. It must be in a 'limited area' or only 'certain cities' right?
    No. Anybody, anywhere in the United States. Now, we are just starting out, so there will be lots of areas with nothing in them right now.

    This is where we will need help. I can build the site, but I can't tell everyone about it. I am hoping it will spread by word of mouth, and businesses and people will start to use it. If you like the idea of it, please tell someone else about it. Tell your friends, and tell managers and owners of local businesses.
  6. How to I post one of these 'buzzes'?

    Its very easy:

    1. Fill out the form to set up an account.
    2. You will get an email to verify your email address - click the link in the email.
    3. Login
    4. Go to the 'Post A Buzz' page and fill out the info.
    5. Click submit and your 'buzz' is live - for one hour.

    There is no charge, & we don't take a 'cut' of your revenue. You can buzz offers, opinions, announcements, news, events, political, personal, networking, great deals that you have seen, lost pets, lost items - almost anything.

  7. Is there anything I can't 'buzz' about?
    Sort of. I think we can almost all agree we don't want to read a 'buzz' about multi-level marketing (sorry MLMer's - I have nothing against you or your business - just -- no). And I am pretty sure selling anything illegal would not be a good idea. If you see something on here that you think should not be on here, there is an 'inappropriate' button that will send me an email about it. I will review it as soon as I can and delete it - if needed. Let's just be blunt about it - no porn.
  8. How many of these 'buzzes' can I put out?
    Each active account is allowed one active buzz at a time. After that one expires (in one hour), you can put out another one.
  9. What if I want to stop a 'buzz' in progress?
    There is a 'buzzkill' button on your 'manage buzzes' page (aren't we clever - buzzkill :). A 'buzzkill' will disable the current 'buzz', but it does not stop the countdown timer for your 'buzz'. You will have to wait the full hour before you can send out another 'buzz'.
  10. How do I know I won't get ripped off by someone?
    You don't - really. Be careful, be smart, call first to verify. You are pretty much on your own though - just like real life...
  11. Deleted after one hour?
    Yes, your 'buzz' will be removed from display after one hour. The data from the buzz would still be in the database. There is "re-buzz" button in your admin section. This is for people that want to run the buzz again, but don't want to have to re-enter all the info. Just click "re-buzz".

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